JUSTNAT is a company dedicated to the promotion and sale of dietary supplements and natural cosmetics, since 2005.
Born by the hand of a young team with high know-how of the sector at national and international level, and very aware of the challenges that this market is going through. Through consumer needs, we seek to bring added value to the products we develop.
The character of the founders of JUSTNAT is transposed into the day-to-day life of the company and into all the businesses we do.


JUSTNAT specializes in the marketing of dietary supplements and natural cosmetics. We have a portfolio with over a hundred references, which are sold in different sectors of the health and wellness market (health stores, clinics, drugs stores and para-pharmacies).


For us, “Health” is a fundamental pillar for any human being, and this is the reason for JUSTNAT‘s existence. Our mission is always to get the satisfaction of all our business partners, the preference of health professionals and consumers.


In order to provide its customers with quality products and their total confidence. JUSTNAThas always understood that innovation is essential for the growth of its products, and for differentiation from competitors.

We are committed to developing solutions that improve the life quality and health of people.

Knowledge and responsible innovation are the practical result.


The values of JUSTNAT are based on Determination, Rigor, Sensitivity and Originality

Determination:because we are demanding with ourselves and entrepreneurs.
Rigor: we are professional, accurate, reliable and meticulous.
Sensitivity: intuition and empathy define our way of being. We reiterate strong, positive and lasting relationships with all our customers, employees, suppliers and partners
Originality:we are facing the future, for a different way of doing things.


In order to grow, we rely on the quality of our products and the value of our brands, which greatly contribute to reinforce customer loyalty.
Over the years, we have been giving “life” to brands that constitute JUSTNAT activities. It is our intention to be one of the main references of quality and trust in the market. In every brand, we dedicate all the attention our Customers expect. What we believe to be natural of a company committed to a culture of quality and excellence service.

ACTIVOZONEi brand products have a common and transversal element in the entire range, the ozone Each product is specifically designed to induce ozone in the body in a certain way, which also determines the application for which it is intended.
The different presentations of the ACTIVOZONE products, promote a controlled release of ozone in the body at low concentrations.
Ozone therapy is very safe and rarely has side effects, but should be done by qualified professionals.

i cosmetics

VEGAFARMA products are developed on high quality criteria.
The formulations are carefully studied and supported by the concept of “synergy of ingredients” to enhance their effects and results.
VEGAFARMA brand is targeted to the health and wellness sector, based on the expert advice of health professionals and therapists

LIPOSHELL® – patented, innovative liposomal technology.

LIPOSHELL® liposomal technology is inspired by molecular dynamics which makes it the most modern and efficient way of transport orally applicated active substance into the body.

The innovative LIPOSHELL® 1 technology ensures: efficiency in the transport of active substance into the body; increased bioavailability of transported substances; long-term maintenance of a constant level of active substance in the target area.

Products: ASCOLIP (vitamin C); VITA-D-LIP (vitamin D); FE-LIP (iron).



JUSTNAT’s internationalization strategy is focused on growth and expansion, which involves the creation of partnerships with representatives that have a great know-how and control of the distribution channels and the specificities of the country.
JUSTNAThas the tools and knowledge to put goods anywhere in the world.


JUSTNAT has been a permanent presence in international reference fairs of the sector.
Our international expansion, for now, is focused on supplying to several countries in Europe. But we never deny a conversation to other countries.

We do not choose partners just because of the size of the business. We chose the partners for their commitment and interest in promoting our brands. We know the professionalism, rigor, motivation, and seriousness can turn a small business into a great company.

If you want to sell our products in your country, do not hesitate to contact us.


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